Seven Signs You Need a Nonprofit Guerrilla Marketing Make-Over

Read the list below and see if your nonprofit shows signs that you need to revise your organization’s approach to marketing:

  1. Programs and committees drive your organizational planning more than the ongoing measured impact your organization is having on the community
  2. Your programs or services are inferior to similar for-profit services available in the community
  3. Your organization has no written marketing goals or plans except for the line-items for “marketing” or “communication” in your annual budget
  4. Your organization plans basically the same events and programs from year-to-year, yet you cannot measure what their impact is in achieving your organization’s mission
  5. Most of the contacts you get for new clients or development come from staff members or volunteers in your organization
  6. Even your most staunch supporters and advocates don’t know everything your organization offers to the community
  7. You have a large database of supporters, clients, or volunteers, yet you speak to them all the same; or speak to all in each category the same way.

If you saw your organization in any of the above signs, you need a Guerrilla Marketing make-over. You don’t have to stall-out your marketing effectiveness anymore. Imagine this:

  • People you want to reach getting excited about using your services, supporting your organization and getting involved in helping you
  • Your organization’s quality is so high, even for-profit marketers want to learn from you
  • Your marketing is strategic and you keep building momentum from year-to-year intentionally
  • Year-after-year you mark your progress in achieving your organization’s mission
  • Leads for financial support and volunteers constantly come looking for you and almost beg to help you reach your clients
  • You lead a well-informed army of volunteers and donors on a quest to accomplish your mission
  • You cultivate relationships so well, people feel you understand their needs and respond to your requests like lifelong friends

Pasting these affirmations on your bathroom mirror and telling them to your reflection every morning won’t get you there. You need the help you get from Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is unconventional strategies, secrets, and tactics for achieving conventional marketing goals.

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