They’ve Got e-Mail. Lots of It. Will Yours Rise to the Top or Just Contribute to the Clutter

By Heath Shackleford

Remember the days when you almost needed a forklift to transport all the special offers, super duper discounts and important notices that were stuffed into your mailbox? Opening it was a finely tuned skill. You had to pull it down quickly and spring into action or fliers and postcards would slide out and fly in all directions.

With arms overflowing, you’d walk the big stack of unsolicited mail in through the front door, drop it on the kitchen table and sort through it for bills, magazines, letters…you know, stuff you actually wanted, or at least were expecting, to receive. Everyday, it was more of the same, an unrelenting parade of nonsense.

For those who are too young, or too old, to remember the good ole days, never [...]

Plan the Work, Work the Plan – Part Two

By Lisa M. Dietlin

In my previous post on planning your work and working your plan, I focused on the planning side of the equation. Now for some more guidance on making that plan happen. Throughout the years, I have often been asked for best practices to ensure the plan that has been developed actually gets implemented. Here are my top three tips:

Make a list every day of the tasks that need to be done

Once the list is complete take a moment to review it and begin numbering what is the most important thing that has to be done, followed by the second most important thing, followed by the third, etc. Too often when we make a list we simply start at the top, which is usually a mistake. [...]

Plan the Work, Work the Plan – Part One

By Lisa M. Dietlin

As most of us know, Americans have a long history of generosity. Even in tough economic times, neighbor helping neighbor is our way of life. We don’t need a natural or economic disaster to occur in order to respond, Americans only need to see the need and how our help can resolve it. What will you be doing in the next few months to ensure they are successful in donating to their favorite nonprofit organizations or in particular to the one for which you are working to raise money?

One of my all-time favorite sayings is “Plan the Work, Work the Plan.” Here are a few easy steps to ensure you are doing this:

First, begin by setting a financial goal of what you have to/need [...]

Is Your Nonprofit Programming Itself to Death?

One of the signs your nonprofit is in need of a nonprofit marketing make-over, is when programs  drive your  planning more than the ongoing measured impact your organization is having on the community.

What most nonprofits really need is not to launch another program. At least they shouldn’t if the programs become a distraction from achieving their mission.

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