How to Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing by Using a Calendar

Many nonprofits miss opportunities to improve their marketing simply because they don’t put their plans into a calendar. Month-by-month they let events, promotions, and outreach go by and don’t realize their greatest opportunities for increased effectiveness are parading right in front of them, on their calendar. If you practice the simple discipline of keeping a calendar, it will help keep your marketing mindset active all year long and can make it easier next year too!

To make a marketing calendar just create a 12 month summary of all your Guerrilla marketing activities by creating a list with 52 lines, one for every week in the year. In five columns across the list aspects of your Guerrilla marketing activity,

1. Number of the week. You can use a spreadsheet to [...]

See You at the 2010 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference in Chicago October 11-13!

Just confirmed that I will be speaking as the final keynote for the 2010 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference in Chicago this October 11-13th.  This is going to be a great conference with a lot of practical advice to give your nonprofit a survivor’s edge in this tight economy. I hope you will make plans to come! Here is a little from the AMA site about the conference with more information to come:


Market or Die: Achieving Success in Unprecedented Times

It’s a new era for nonprofits in 2010, quite literally an era of “do or die.” According to The Nonprofit Times, “60% of nonprofits have three months or less of cash in the bank. Half of those have only one month.” Nonprofits that seek growth and sustainability have [...]

Are You Short-Changing Your Nonprofit By Not Being Marketing Savvy?

Many organizations have no idea what marketing is. Some even resist marketing as contradicting their values. You can speed past these organizations by availing yourself of an education in marketing. Its easy to do with the many seminars, workshops, the internet, and the numerous volumes of marketing books published each year. Insights may come slowly, but rest assured, your real world experience and insatiable interest in marketing will yield practical applications that benefit your organization.

“Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits” with Jay Conrad Levinson, Frank Adkins, & Chris Forbes. Pre-order now on Amazon:  in stores July 2nd.

Is Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Made to Schtick?

Just because something looks good or is entertaining, doesn’t mean it is effective for your nonprofit’s marketing. Too often nonprofit leaders buy into the notion that what is holding back their organization is the quality of their artwork. The new communication director who joins a nonprofit’s staff and announces they are going to change the logo and rebrand their organization is a cliche. Contrary to popular belief a brand new design for all your organization’s marketing collateral is not the cure all for what may be troubling your organization’s marketing. Usually nonprofits don’t need a new artistic schtick, they need new marketing mindset.

Nonguerrillas believe they can inspire people and move them to act with the quality of their art work and the cleverness of their copy. But true Guerrillas [...]

New Video Blog Series from Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits!

Here is the first of our video blog posts on Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits. We are hunkered down in the Nonprofit Guerrilla Bunker with a marketing weapon for your arsenal.  Your host is Chris Forbes a certified Guerrilla Marketing coach specializing in nonprofit marketing and co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits” with Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing  & Frank Adkins, Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer. Pre-order now on Amazon In stores July 2nd.

A marketing plan: Be prepared to hear your executive director and board members rave about your excellent work as they see your marketing plans in easy-to-understand writing. Many nonprofit communication leaders don’t get the funding they want because they can’t show their leaders that they have a plan for using their budgets effectively. A [...]

Get Your First Peek Into Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits in this Free Webinar!

Hear Chris Forbes co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits” (in stores July 2nd from Entrepreneur Press)  in this free one hour webinar sponsored by Though the upcoming workshop is tailored with many of the needs of faith-based marketers in mind, the webinar will present general guerrilla marketing principles that apply to any nonprofit organization. Presenter Chris Forbes (Edmond, OK) is a certified GM coach specializing in nonprofit marketing. He frequently consults within the Southern Baptist Convention with 16 million + members

Pre-order “Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits” by Jay Conrad Levinson, Chris Forbes, and Frank Adkins

Here are the details from

Is Your Nonprofit Programming Itself to Death?

One of the signs your nonprofit is in need of a nonprofit marketing make-over, is when programs  drive your  planning more than the ongoing measured impact your organization is having on the community.

What most nonprofits really need is not to launch another program. At least they shouldn’t if the programs become a distraction from achieving their mission.

Seven Signs You Need a Nonprofit Guerrilla Marketing Make-Over

Read the list below and see if your nonprofit shows signs that you need to revise your organization’s approach to marketing:

Programs and committees drive your organizational planning more than the ongoing measured impact your organization is having on the community Your programs or services are inferior to similar for-profit services available in the community Your organization has no written marketing goals or plans except for the line-items for “marketing” or “communication” in your annual budget Your organization plans basically the same events and programs from year-to-year, yet you cannot measure what their impact is in achieving your organization’s mission Most of the contacts you get for new clients or development come from staff members or volunteers in your organization Even your most staunch supporters and advocates don’t know everything [...]

Why People Ignore Your Nonprofit’s Marketing and What to Do About It

People have a physiological ability to ignore your marketing, but there is something you can do about it, try a little Guerrilla marketing.

The human brain has a coping mechanism that helps people filter out unwanted communication and if you are not careful, the brains of the people you want to reach with your marketing will automatically edit you out of your prospect’s minds before they even have a chance to think about responding to you.

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