New York City NextGen:Charity, November 18-19, Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits

Exciting  news today!  Looking forward to seeing you in New York City for a Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits workshopled by Chris Forbes at NextGen:Charity, Times Square, AXA Equitable Theater 787 7th Avenue, NYC November 18-19th

NextGen:Charity: Sharing ideas on the future of charity and philanthropy

NextGen:Charity is a conference in NYC on innovation in non-profit and philanthropy work that will be attended by 500 executives of leading non-profits and foundations. The conference is two days with presentations at the AXA Equitable theater in Times Square on Thursday, November 18th and workshops on the second day, November 19th at Columbia University.

The event will be very much like TED ( ), and features celebrity presenters: Seth Godin (#1 business blogger & 12-time bestselling author), Nancy Lublin ( & Dress For Success founder),¬† Peter Thum and Jonathan Greenblatt (Founders of Ethos Water), Scott Harrison (charity:water ), Scott Belsky (Behance), Randi Zuckerberg of Facebook, as well as Google for Non-Profits, and many others. Attendees are CEO’s and executives of major non-profits and foundations. Our media partners include Fast Company, Charity Navigator, Chronicle of Philanthropy(.com) and Mashable who will share content from the conference with over 2 million people online and in print.

You can see more details at

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