Me Marketing vs. You Marketing

Many organizations put together their marketing materials with the worst approach for getting attention from the people they want to reach. They send their messages out with “iStock_000011842490XSmallMe Marketing.” Me Marketing is the kind of communication that centers on the organization. When I pick up your brochure as a prospect, I am learning about you and what you want to do. You are talking about you. You are telling your side of the story.

You Marketing is just the opposite of Me Marketing. Most people are tuned into what matters to them. They tune in to the messages that speak to their needs from their perspective. If I pick up your brochure and it is talking about “you,” you are really talking to the people you want to reach. People are far more interested in what benefits them. This approach, forces you to find the benefits and life-application of what you are offering to people.

Now go back and look at your website or brochures. Do you tell about your mission, your great staff, your awards, your programs? Is it all about me-me, me? How can you change the copy to reflect more You Marketing?  Nonprofits are sometimes the worst offenders when it comes to “Me Marketing.” It’s not hard to find examples in the “About Us” sections of their websites. It’s true nonprofits need to be passionate about their mission. But it is important to understand that people visiting your site will have their own perceptions and will tune-in most to things that appeal to their needs.  Don’t just talk about yourself.

Help the person who is reading your website or printed materials put themselves in the story line. Put the people you want to reach into the picture and they will pay much closer attention to you.  Every sentence needs to be about the reader and how their involvement will make a difference in your community. As you write your first draft of the copy on your website or brochure, start all your sentences with the word you. As you write and after you edit, you will have a very compelling message that resonates with your readers.

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