Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Nonprofit Marketing While Asleep!

You are learning about Guerrilla Marketing, but you may find you are too busy, or not in the right place in your role to lead the marketing attack for your organization. Your nonprofit can still benefit from Guerrilla Marketing principles by finding someone in your own ranks who can get excited about the thought of aggressive, proactive marketing.

You will need someone with the staying power and courage to make it their responsibility. A good Guerrilla will have the personality traits of:

  • Imagination: Someone who’s not trying to be the most creative, but wants to be the most strategic.
  • Patience: Someone who wont give up, but is willing to wait for results.
  • Active: Someone who will keep up the pace, not doing marketing in a start-and-stop fashion.
  • Sensitive: Someone with their pulse on the community that is aware about how your organization’s marketing is perceived.
  • Confident: Someone who cant be talked into changing just to try something new. They are confident their strategies will work because they are based on facts, not hunches.

We list all twelve traits of a Guerrilla marketers personality in our book. Dont worry if you dont fit the description entirely, you can grow into a Guerrilla if you put your heart into it!

“Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits” with Jay Conrad Levinson Chris Forbes, & Frank Adkins. Pre-order now on Amazon: in stores July 2nd

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