Article in Outcomes Magazine: Faith-Based Nonprofits, Radical Change Is Coming

How can our ministry reach the young adult generation? Has that question started to take over your organization yet? Everywhere you go, it seems ministry and nonprofit leaders are in near panic trying to figure out the solution to the “young adult problem.” Many are congratulating themselves on their forward-thinking strategies for reaching the next generation. The problem is, reaching young adults is only one of the challenges your organization needs to address. And the questions are going to come faster as the next decade unfolds. Will your organization be prepared to solve other big problems that are just as urgent?
Here is a sample of other facts and questions your organization will face in the coming years:

  • Competition from other nonprofits for donors and volunteers has already increased by 65 percent in the past decade andshows no sign of slowing. How will your organization remain viable with increased competition for donors and volunteers?
  • Starting this year (2010), birthrates are shifting to “minority majorities,” and non-Caucasian groups will need more promi-nent representation in your organization’s leadership. How will you involve and recruit these new leaders?
  • What will your organization do as the population of people age 65 and older increases by two-thirds in the next 10 years?
  • In the next five years, new forms of communication will proliferate through mobile technology. GPS-based advertising will be commonplace. How can your organization afford to invest in new media with an already overtaxed communications budget?

There is no need to panic, as some are doing. Read the rest on the Outcomes site

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